Lloyd Hardy

Lloyd Hardy MSc [IT]

Lloyd Hardy is an entrepreneur, software developer, Free Software advocate, educator, musician and explorer.

Lloyd began programming at the age of 9 with Locomotive BASIC on an Amstrad CPC464 and writing rhymes by¬†12. However, it wasn’t until a little later in 2000 that he began his first web directory, Irish Wedding Day and¬†learned HTML 4.0 by hand coding 3000 business listings into the largest wedding website in Ireland. Discovering GNU/Linux. Apache, MySQL and PHP provided the freedom to truly innovate and also meant that he wouldn’t have to hand code 3000 business listings again.

He began his web design company in 2001 and worked on contracts for companies and organisations in Ireland including the Irish Government ruling party, including creating a fully custom CMS. In 2006 he began his Masters degree in Internet Computing and graduated with distinction in 2009. As an IT Consultant, Lloyd witnessed the restrictions imposed by many software vendors and began developing his own CRM system in 2010. By 2011 he had started work on a fully ERP system framework that would allow the rapid development of applications and complete freedom for the customer, making them independent of the vendor.

In 2012 he founded the Free Software University to try to give everyone the opportunity to learn with freedom and without restriction from proprietary vendors. In 2013 he founded ERP Software Ltd in Ireland to provide the solutions to the enterprise market that free software developers and small businesses already enjoy. In 2014, with a fully mobile office courtesy of the WebDesktop he invented, Lloyd began to travel in Europe and Asia in 2014 and set up new businesses that are socially responsible. Currently located in the Philippines, writing music and head hunting the best employees from all over the world, Lloyd enjoys running and swimming and is constantly looking for opportunities to help businesses and individuals become even more successful.