Lloyd believes that education is the key to overcoming many of the challenges presented in life. As an educator, he hopes to help others to learn and better themselves by removing geographic and economic barriers to education.


Free Software University

The Free Software University began as the ‘Open Source Univeristy’ and was designed to teach people about Open Source software. However, after talking extensively with Dr Richard Stallman via email, it became apparent to Lloyd that the real problem with the term ‘open source’ is that is doesn’t mention freedom. He understood that freedom is the important part – not just showing people your source code, but ensuring that they have the freedom to do what they wish to with it – except make in non-free.

Sad to see many traditional universities teach proprietary software methods to students and frustrated by the high cost barrier to education, Lloyd began writing lectures on Free Software with Dr Richard Stallman and created a course called the ‘Free Software Certificate’ as an introduction to using and developing software.

See: www.freesoftwareuni.com